About Us

Little Flowers Montessori School was established in 1990 at St. George’s Episcopal Church in St. Louis Park near Highway 100 and Minnetonka Boulevard where the school continues to serve approximately 40 families. In 1996, Little Flowers Montessori expanded to Plymouth in a new, custom-built school situated on a beautiful five-acre site. The Plymouth school serves approximately 60 families and is conveniently located on Zachary Lane and Old Rockford Road, one mile west of Highway 169.

The Little Flowers Montessori community is uniquely positioned to provide an exceptional Montessori education to children in the western suburbs. With two locations, superb staff, and beautiful surroundings, Little Flowers Montessori can accommodate a wide variety of families seeking a Montessori education for their children.

Mission Statement

Little Flowers Montessori School is committed to providing a safe, stimulating and carefully prepared indoor and outdoor environment which helps children to develop within themselves the fundamental habits, attitudes, skills and ideas which are essential to independent growth, creative thinking, self discipline, and learning. The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) trained teachers, along with the assistant staff, lovingly guide the children and foster in them the love of learning and help them build a foundation for life. Little Flowers Montessori School is dedicated to an educational program according to the Montessori philosophy and curriculum for children ages 16 months to six years of age.

AMI Recognition

Little Flowers Montessori School is an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Recognized school. An AMI Certificate of Recognition offers credibility to a school’s status within the educational community as a whole, as well as within the Montessori community, and it confirms a staunch support of Montessori principles faithfully put into practice.

To be considered for an AMI Certificate of Recognition a school must have:

  • An AMI-trained teacher at the appropriate age level for each class.
  • A consultation by an AMI-trained consultant once every three years.
  • A complete set of materials for each class from a manufacturer authorized by AMI.
  • A philosophical approach consistent with what is given in AMI training courses.
  • Classes made up of children representing a three year age range.
  • Between 28-35 children in each class including a well-balanced division of ages to ensure social development.
  • Morning sessions five days per week for the full class, with an afternoon session (extended day) consisting of two to three hours of Montessori activities for the older children in the primary classes.
  • An uninterrupted three-hour work cycle each morning.
  • No more than one aide in each primary classroom.

Little Flowers Montessori School is licensed under the Minnesota Department of Human Services.