Little Flowers Montessori School has two locations in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, one in Plymouth and one in St. Louis Park. Both schools offer a nine-month Montessori school program and summer care programs. Both schools are accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

For each child, our goals are to

  • develop his/her potential through self-choice and self-expression
  • develop a sense of high self-esteem
  • build habits of concentration
  • foster inner discipline and a sense of order
  • develop positive social behavior skills
  • develop a positive attitude toward school and learning

I've seen other "Montessori" programs nearby, why should I enroll my child in an AMI-recognized school like Little Flowers Montessori School?

Although the term "Montessori" is not copyrighted and can be used freely by any school or childcare center, only AMI schools uphold the true educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori established AMI in 1929 to uphold and safeguard the quality of the prepared environment. Prepared environments at AMI schools include an AMI-trained guide (teacher) and a complete set of Montessori materials to prepare the stage for each child to learn.